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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today was...interesting...

Today we got moving pretty early. We left the hotel at 8:30 and headed to the orphanage to pick Nick up and head to Odessa. On the way to the orphanage, we found out that Yana didn't get everything done yesterday that we expected. The main thing was she was not able to get Nick's registration number processed. We need that number to get his passport.

So, we picked him up. We had to sign a form for the director saying we were responsible if anything happened to him while we were out. ISN"T THAT WHAT BEING A PARENT IS?!?!?! As usual, logic doesn't necessarily count in a government bureaucracy. He seemed excited to see us and to go. He announced to his caregivers as we were leaving, "I'm going to Odessa, and I'm not coming back." Somewhere from that moment to about five minutes down the road, I think reality set in. He was okay for the most part, but he got really quiet. He just rode along leaning on one or the other of us. We offered toys, but he didn't want anything. Finally, almist an hour into the ride, he told Yana that he was ready to go back to his group. Poor baby! I felt so sorry for him. We know what we are doing is for his good, but he's scared to death. It kind of reminds me of my relationship with God at some points. What's good sometimes seems pretty scary in the moment. and, sometimes getting what you want and pray for can even be pretty scary when it happens. We felt pretty helpless, so we just gave him plenty of hugs, kisses, and reassuring touches. He was so quite and so sad looking.

When we got to Odessa, we went first to get the registration number. Yana went in and was gone forever. Nick got pretty upset at one point and began to cry a little. He really wanted to go back to his group and the orphanage. Oleg, our driver, was great. He reassured him with words while we just loved on him the best we could.

He settled down, and after a while we could tell he had to go to the bathroom. I told Oleg with the trusty ole point and grunt method. He went and looked for a WC. No such luck. To add to the situation. Erick announced he had to go too. Great, two boys who have to go and no WC in sight. Oleg came back to the van and motioned for us to follow him. We are in downtown Odessa (city of about 1 million people). He led us across the street to a park (yep...you know where this is going!). Two days and two public urination incidents! Wow!!!! We ain't in Hattiesburg folks. On the other hand, I guess this was a bit of a bonding moment for the brothers :)!

Eventually, we got the registration paperwork. We made our way through the city to the passport office. We got there at about 5 'till noon. They let us in even though they were about to close for lunch. Some quick paperwork, and they took us to get Nick's picture taken. Yana also get them to produce some paperwork for the official in Sarata to clear up the property registration issue. We hope she'll be able to get that cleared up this afternoon with one more trip to Sarata.

After a flying trip back to B-D, we left Nick at the orphanage. He seemed releived. I guess that's to be expected. We went shopping at the market and took a taxi back to the hotel. Home sweet home...

If Yana's mission in successful, we are anticipating that we'll have to wait 5 days or so for Nick's passport. Until then, we'll go every day and visit him at the orphanage as before. Please pray for him in his transition. Today, he was quiet and withdrawn. The next time we take him out for good...who knows. We are praying hard and hoping for the best.

That probably means that our target for getting out of here and heading to Kyiv is the beginning of next week. We'll go as soon as we can. We still probably don't stand a chance of getting an earlier flight out since we are using SkyMiles for three of the tickets, but maybe at least we can get the Embassy process behind us before the 11th hour. Still looks like 12 days and we'll be home. I can't wait.

One final thing. I am getting reliable reports that Tony was cracking on me from the pulpit about the whole ice skating thing. Now that hurts. Here I am 5000 miles away and living on fried eggs and salami. I guess I'll have to work on something special for my return home. Stay tuned. BTW, I understand that he is trying to resurrect his athletic career with a run at the Crescent City Classic. In fact, I hear that he has several of the staff boys running with him, Great! I guess Temple will be a shoe in to win the cross country gold medal at the next Southern Baptist Convention! Not that winning an SBC athletic event is a big deal. Winning an all you can eat fried chicken contest at the SBC...now that's a challenge! Come to think of it...I think I'll start training for that as soon as I get home ;)!

Well, that's about it for now. Thanks for praying (and caring enough to pray!). We miss everyone at home!



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