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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Odessa Pictures

Denise and Erick with our driver Oleg and his daughter at the old entrance to the city.

The most famous site in Odessa, the stairs that lead into the city from the port. Originally, these stairs led up from the Black Sea. In the distance is the Hotel Odessa, the city's finest hotel. I think it's a lot like our hotel in B-D (not)!

The pedestrian park at the top of the stairs.

A walking bridge known as "the mother-in-law" bridge. As a tradition, newly married couples go to the bridge and lock a pad lock to the rail with their names and other messages painted or inscribed on them. Oleg said that the city needs to replace the bridge but can't because of the locks.

This couple must have been pretty serious about their vows. Maybe we should do this at Temple on the security gate at the Oasis :)

Another day...another cannon.

The ballet and opera house in Odessa. It is about 200 years old...

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