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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pretty good visit....and why bother with logic???

We talked with our facilitator before we went to the orphanage today. She had spoken with the folks there, and they had talked to Nicholas. The bottom line is that they all said this behavior was atypical of him. I hope that is a good sign. It's going to be difficult, and outbursts are a given. I just hope it's not his preferred coping mechanism.

Another thing that is going to make this hard is that ha is a very verbal child. Not being able to communicate verbally is going to be hard for him. Basically, we've tied a knot near the end of the rope and are hanging on...

When we got him today, they were in the middle of a music program. All the kids were dressed up in their dress clothes. We went and had him put on his outside pants, but couldn't find his boots. He was really reluctant to get his "good" shoes dirty. We could tell that it was something that was drilled into him pretty seriously.

His group was having cookies and fruit, and we could tell he really wanted to go back because he thought he was missing out. We took him back a little early, and he had to take Erick in with him to "show off" his brother to the rest of the kids. There were several big squeezing hugs today, but nothing aggressive. Maybe yesterday got the point across. We'll just keep a close watch and be consistent.

In my conversation with Yana this morning, I get the idea that going back to Kyiv on Monday is pretty much out of the picture. I think part of it is that our driver has to work on Monday. It's only a day. That pretty much means that Friday would be the earliest we could get home. We'll see. At any rate, we are less than a week from leaving for home. Whoo Hooo!!!!!!

I'll leave you today with a top ten list of things that we hope to do (or never to do) once we get home.

10. I need somebody to stop by the house and turn our hot water heater up to the thermonuclear range. You also might want to alert the North Lamar Water District of an unusual spike in demand on the night we get home 'cause I want a long, hot shower!

9. I will not wash anymore underwear or socks in the sink--ever!

8. I will not fight with Erick to wear a hat!!!!

7. I will not willingly watch soccer, and I will tell anyone that football is a sport where guys wear helmets and can use their hands.

6. I will not sleep on a box spring, and I want a top and bottom (fitted) sheet on my bed.

5. I will not eat salami on pizza or with eggs.

4. I will thank God every day for Charmin.

3. I will not drink another hot Coke without ice.

2. I will go several days without wearing a black article of clothing.

1. I will use a clean bath towel everyday and I will not share my towel with anyone!!!!

I hope you see the humor in this list. We have been stretched a little in our surroundings and lifestyle over the last few weeks. We're not complaining, and there is pretty funny story behind each of these items that we'll look forward to sharing a laugh with you about when we get home. Until then...you'll just have to let your minds wander ;)!

Hope you have a great Saturday,



MamaPoRuski said...

Our son z was almost seven when adopted. He had a meltdown each day for the first three months without warning. There is nothing you can do aobut this coping mechanism, except for use a "time in" holding him if you can when he is this way. They grow less and less. You can do it, he has a lot of changes and grieving ahead of him.

Ronnie said...

Still keeping tabs on you guys
and prayin'. Looking forward to
seeing you all soon...but we'll miss your daily updates.

Leslie said...

i like your list :-) that was pretty funny!

we are still praying and thinking of y'all here!!