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Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a White Valentine's?

We woke up this morning to a winter wonder land, well it was all mixed with a brown sludge. And by lunch time it had almost melted away. Erick had declared that he was not leaving the hotel at all because of all the snow, and by the time we were at the end of the street headed to the orphanage, he was asking to play in it when we got back (but by then it was just a slushy mess).

Rick was still recovering from his sinus infection so he didn't go to see N today. It was just Erick and me. After several days of being outside, we were back in the same small room where we had been before. He didn't seem to be too upset at our not seeing him yesterday, but he was ready to see what we had in our bag. We did see signs today of aggression that we had not seen before. I'm not sure if it was because Rick wasn't with us or why, but I hope he understood me by my reaction that behavior is not acceptable. I know the expression on his face did change, so I'm hopeful that he understood me. Keep us and him in your prayers. Life in a institution is not an easy life for children, and I hope we know how best to help him adjust to being part of a family.

Erick has spent the day watching the Science channel and the show Brainiac. He loves when things go "boom!"

Love you all! Can't wait to be home.



stlredbird10 said...

You guys are awesome! We're praying for you and N!

Tell Erick hello!

Ben, Hannah and Braidynn

Janice said...

Just wanted to post again to let you know the prayers are still with you all!