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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

N has the flu!!!!

Well, the fun continues. We heard this morning that the doctor at the orphanage thinks N has the flu. We were told that we couldn't visit today or tomorrow. We are really glad that we all got flu shots before we left!!!!! Thanks, Melanie!!!! Anyway, we are really feeling useless at this point. We have offered to buy medicine or do whatever we can, but we have to remember that for a few more days, he's not legally ours. So, we wait. I think tomorrow we'll go see if we can get him some toys to take by and leave for him just so he knows we are thinking about him! I really feel bad for him, and I think it's worse because we can't do anything to take care of him...

Just to break the monotony, we took a walk down to the fortress on the point. It was a couple of miles there (no problem) and a couple of miles back (c'mon feel that burn!). And, I have to say after the walk there and back...it ain't no Six Flags. It was a good diversion for a couple of hours, but I think we can safely say we won't be going back. The most interesting part of the walk was seeing a woman driving 5-6 goats through the park at the fortress right up in town. Now that's something you don't see everyday even in Oak Grove!

We're back at the hotel, and there's tennis on the TV. There has been a lot of tennis on TV the last few days. All in all, I'd rather watch curling. I know Tony has this thing against curling, but I think it's kind of manly. The broom is only part of the picture. The real test of machismo are the guys that are playing. They all look like they ought to be at a Green Bay Packers' game with a brat in their hands. Not many of them are going to be mistaken for a girly men. So bring on the shuffle board on ice...that is if there's no bobsledding to watch! Oh wow! I gotta get back home before March Madness begins. I need a roundball fix!

Thanks again for checking in on us. Please join us and pray that N gets to feeling better soon. Six days down and four to go until he's ours...



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Patsy said...

Rick, I am so excited I had to tell someone. At our Bible Study yesterday we were able to lead a new friend to Christ. She said she kept hearing Tony talk about what you need to do but didn't think she had ever actually asked Christ into her heart. I happened to have a Journey with me which has the plan of Salvation and we all (20 or so ladies) knelt and prayed the sinners prayer together.She went home to make sure her daughter knew Christ. Praise the Lord!
Patsy Lewis
Praying for you all.