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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gene, Gene, The Dancing Machine!!!!

Today, we were back to our regular schedule. I have to admit that I was pretty apprehensive to see Nick. Yesterday was O.K., but seeing how he reacted (wanting to go back to the orphanage and seeing his relief when we got back), I really wasn't sure how he would react today. Did he change his mind? Would he want to see us? The walk into the orphanage was a pretty intense prayer walk.

When we got to his group room and knocked for him, he came bursting out as usual. He had a big smile on his face, and he was ready to go. We headed off for our normal place to visit. He was ready to tear into his backpack and see if we'd brought anything new to play with (well...that and if we brought anything to eat). It probably helped that we had more than Tic-Tacs to feed him today :)! We tried his snow boots on him, and I think they are going to work. They are a European 33 which we think is a U.S. boys 1. For a little guy, he's got a big foot! He was really cute running around with his snow boots and his sweat pants. He looked like he had riding boots and pants on! He found some rubber worms in the backpack, and they were a lot of fun. He chased momma around with them, and she enjoyed running from him just as much.

After a little while, Denise got her iPhone out and started playing some music. That was a hoot. He's a regular little disco king!!! We were rolling at the sight. At one point, something was on that had a little bit of a march beat, and he broke out into this little goose-step march boogie kind of thing that was a scream. Can you say "comrade?" He had a blast dancing. Denise and Erick taught him a little spin move thing, and off they went!!!! I think my ordination certificate may be in jeopardy. While the SBC may have a cross country event, I am sure that the dance-a-thon has been banned from Southern Baptist competition!!!!!

Today is a beautiful day with not a cloud in the sky this afternoon. It doesn't really matter how nice the weather is...we're ready for some Mississippi air!

Well, I had better run. I've got to go work on my Roger Rabbit and the Running Man...

Blessings ,


1 comment:

Carl Fortenberry said...

Great update Rick! Still praying for you guys.

FYI...be sure you keep your elbows close to your body on the roger rabbit and stay on your toes for the running man. Even in the Ukraine, proper form is a must! ;)