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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another quite Sunday in B-D

Today's post is pretty much just a repeat of yesterday's except we got back on our regular schedule of 11 A.M. visits. N seemed to be feeling better. He wasn't coughing as much and was a little livelier. He had a little more of that mischievous glint in his eye that we have come to expect. (He was also trying a little more to see what he could get away with...a sure sign he is returning to health!).

With another quite day, we got a little more of a chance to size him up physically. He's about and inch and a half shorter than Erick, but his feet are a good half inch longer. He's got a lot of catching up to do to grow into those feet! We are starting to second guess ourselves on the shoes we bought a few days ago. We got what is probably equivalent to a boy's size 1, and I am afraid they are too small. We are guessing that his clothes are probably about a 4 or 5T. He's really small for is age, but we also are guessing that will change rapidly after we get him home and improve his nutrition. All that to say, he's all feet right now.

After a trip to the market, we are settled in for the day. We didn't get to go to church again today. We had a fill-in for our driver, and his English was way worse than my Russian (that is to say non-existent), so we were unable to communicate anything about a change in the routine like church. We'd like to hope that we are in Kyiv next Sunday and will get to go to church with friends there. We'll see...

We are really hoping that the light we see ahead is the end of the tunnel. Please pray with us that tomorrow when the court decree is picked up that it is correct. That will speed things along. Also, you can pray that we find favor with the people at the vital records offices in N's birth village and Odessa, and that the passport process moves quickly. If everything went perfectly, we could be headed to Kyiv by next weekend, but we have to have everything complete so that we can go to Kyiv by a week from Wednesday. God has seen us through every step thus far, and we pray that there are no surprises in the coming days, but if there are...we trust Him and His plan.



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