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Friday, January 9, 2009

We keep reminding ourselves...the only thing you know for sure is nothing is for sure

Well, the last 24 hours have been quite a shock. Yesterday, we received a letter from the USCIS that the update to our petition to consider our newly adopted child(ren) immediate relatives (in non-government speak that means that we can bring them into the country as U.S. citizens) has hit a couple of snags. First, there were a couple of things that were not done in the update to our homestudy that will need to be addressed to complete our file. This will probably take some work and might even still be in process while we are in process in Ukraine, but as long as it get done before we have to start home...no problem. Pray that it is no problem, please (I wish you could hear the little hint of "freak out" in my voice)!

Problem #2 is a little trickier. To extend our petition, we had to update our fingerprints. This meant that my mom had to get her fingerprints updated as well. The problem is that her 80+ year old fingerprints make her a perfect candidate to become a cat burgler (too bad she's not in the shape for second story work--can you say second career). Anyway, I am feeling like Jack Bauer can't contact anyone at the USCIS who can give us an answer. We were told today that the THREE times we have already had her fingerprints taken are enough and that it is a fairly simple process to get a clearance. I am begging you to pray with us that we get the right information to the right person in the next few days so that this can be resolved before we leave (and certainly before we have to attempt to come home)!!!!

We really expected that there would be bumps in the road, but we really didn't expect one on this side of the pond at this point in the process. I am confident that God is not surprised by this. I just wish he'd write us a script on the wall!!!!!!

On another note, I am so excited about Sunday. Joel and Mary Ellen Ragains will be our guests at Temple East and West. They are the IMB missionaries who lead the church planting program at Kiev Theological Seminary in Ukraine and two of my personal heroes. Joel will be preaching in the A.M. service at both services. If you are a Temple-ite, I hope you'll be there and be ready. I think Sunday may be a day when God ruins us a little (in a great way).



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Erin said...

Praying for you all in our home!