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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The mullet is alive and well

There are very few things that transcend national boundaries, but I am happy (o.k., really more like shocked) to report that the mullet is one of them. If you thought the mullet was a hair fashion reserved rasslin' and tractor pulls, you just need to come to Ukraine. Yesterday, we spotted two world class mullets on the plane. I thought this had to be an anomaly. I mean this far away from our beloved South. Who would have ever thought? The thing is, both of these mullets were classic. Not quite Billy Ray Cyrus quality but really good. That started me looking. Today, the temperature is mild, so very few men are wearing hats in Kyiv, and the mullets are out in force. In all the trips to Ukraine in the past I have never noticed it. My friend Oleg has tried to convince me that Ukraine is alot like the South. I have to say I am beginning to believe him. I'll know for sure if we go to a concert and some guy on the 5th row yells, "play Freebird!" By the way, how do you say freebird in Ukrainian?

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Leslie said...

how 'bout fanny packs...do they have those, too? :-) when we're on vacation we always try to be the one to "spot" the first fanny pack!!