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Friday, January 30, 2009

Got our referral

Today has been pretty uneventful. We got up this morning and did laundry. Erick had a great time figuring out the little Italian washing machine. What a hoot!. I think we might have a great idea for a birthday present ;). Anyway, we had a very American lunch at McDonalds, and then headed off to the SDA to receive our official referral. It's colder today and snowing a little bit. The 30 min. walk to the SDA seemed like it was uphill all the way (and part of the way back!). It ain't like south Mississippi! At this rate I may actually get some exercise! Curses!

We found out a little more today about N. He has been in the orphanage for about 3-4 years. He is in the orphanage as a result of the termination of his birth mother's rights by a court. We don't have any details, but I can imagine that there are things in his past that may be tragic. Obviously, we are concerned, but not deterred. We also found out that he may have been visited at least one other time by a prospective adoptive couple other than the Canadians I referred to last post. It's hard to say what that means. It could be there is more to his health or emotional situation than meets the eye, or it could mean nothing. We are really not anxious about anything we have discovered, and feel God's peace as we go. Thanks for your prayers!!!!

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Kristin said...

On a less serious note -
I think the grandparents might have trouble finding the Italian washing machine. However, if Erick keeps "tinkering" he may be able to turn the American style washer into an Italian style or build one from the ground up. I have no doubt he could do it!

On a more serious note -
I continue to be amazed at each step of this whole process. God shows up whether you're looking for him or not and in forms that we would never think of such as the former student in the vast population. It makes me want to make sure I'm not missing His presence here in the US.

Continuing to pray and loving the big cheesy grin on Erick's face!!