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Monday, January 26, 2009

I am hating Delta right now!!!!!

Unbelievable! We were about 35 minutes late leaaving Jackson. We ran like mad and got to the gate before the plane left but were denied boarding because the keystone cops (Delta agents) didn't radio down to the plane and tell them not to close the boarding door. Urrrgh! I guess I am really upset because the gate agent was rude and untruthful. To make matters worse, she cancelled our Paris to Kyiv flight! Thank goodness we stopped to check or we'd be in for more drama in Paris. It's my hangup! All things considered, four hours late is better than five...later....


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Alan said...

Situation Normal ala Ukraine adoption! We missed our flight from London to Kiev by 10 min. Couldn't go on the next day's flight because we had our SDA appt. that day. Had to buy new one-way tickets for that leg. About $1100, then on top of that British Airways double charged us. We disputed that on our CC and still haven't resolved it because we lost the receipt while we were in Ukraine. Hope things go smoother for you. Blessings!