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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Packing complete (for now)

Well, it looks like last night we finished packing. I am sure we are destined to unpack and repack them about 100 times before Monday morning, but it still feels like progress. I am happy to report that we are only taking 3 large bags, a bag with stuff for our friends Joel and Mary Ellen and carry-ons. Reading the posts of our friends the Halls and the load they carried up and down countless stairs in Ukraine, we were motivated to streamline. Thanks, Randy! Once again you have been an example and an inspiration ! :)

Today, we are off to our last kindergarten Upward Basketball game. It has been a blast coaching Erick and the rest of our team. We're going to miss you guys. Play hard and play as a team, and remember, loving God with your whole heart is more important than anything in life!!!!

That's probably enough for now. Blessings...

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