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Friday, January 28, 2011

Made it to Kyiv

We woke up this morning to snow and had to rush up a little to get ready. Kostya came a little early to get us since we had to drive north to the airport. The roads were a little icy once we got away from the coast, but we made it fine. The plane was a turboprop, and to tell you the truth, the whole experience reminded me a lot of flying out of Pine Belt International Airport and Jiffy Lube :). The olny difference is that Sevastopol only has one flight a day, and we have two!

Sveta and Igor met us at the airport with another driver. The plan was to split us up. Denise and Nastia went to the clinic to get her medical exam, and I came to the apartment to meet the rental manager to get the keys and check-in. Denise just called and they are on their way after about two hours with the exam complete one shot lunch and a thirty minute wait to make sure there was no adverse reaction later. That should be perfect timing for us to call Joel and make our plans to head off to the Ragains apartment for the evening. All in all it has been a great day! We are settling in for a casual weekend. Thanks for praying!



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