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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Court Tomorrow

I know we have not updated the blog very much as of late, but we didn’t really think that most of you would really get too much of a charge out of reading that we have done virtually the same thing every day for as long as we can remember. Things are going well with N. We are getting to know her a little better each day. It’s hard with the language barrier, but we are making progress. Most days, we are spending quiet time with her in her room. It has been good. We know those days will be precious and few once we get home, so we are trying to take advantage of them.

Tomorrow, we have our court hearing at 10 a.m. (2 a.m. Hattiesburg time), our plans are to go to lunch and go shopping afterward. We will try to pick up clothes and a few other things that she will need for the trip home. We are praying that the hearing goes smoothly tomorrow, and we value your prayers for us as well. This has been a long and exhausting ordeal in dealing with the legal process ,and we are praying that there and no new developments tomorrow.

We are thankful for the grace that God has extended to us, and the beautiful girl that will be waiting for us at the courthouse tomorrow. Will let you know just as soon as we can tomorrow!



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