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Friday, January 21, 2011

Just when we think we have it figured out...

I am done trying to figure out the process. Planning is futile. We have made all our plans around getting our court decree on Monday. About 15 minutes ago,  I got a call from Galya. She has reviewed the court decree and made the necessary changes. When she returned it to the court, she found out that the Judge’s secretary plans on working tomorrow! What? Huh? Come again? That’s right folks...so she can pick up our court decree at noon. We will go get Nastia’s birth certificate tomorrow afternoon, and begin working on her passport Monday morning! That changes things considerably...maybe. If we are able to get the passport earlier, and get to Kyiv to have an interview at the embassy before Friday. We are really not sure. We still have to make flight arrangements to Kyiv and get an appointment at the embassy and get seats on a flight home. In the end, it may not make any difference in the day we come home, but there is a window of opportunity for us to be able to get home earlier. We’d appreciate your prayers!!!! Right now, it’s quiet in our apartment, but busy in my head. Soon, we are about to experience life in a blender for a few days. It is going to be crazy.

Also, we found out today that the orphanage is under a flu quarantine. Not sure if that means school is out or not. In the past, we know they have closed schools here when the flu is going around. We will have to visit with Nastia outside today. Please pray for her and the other kids. A flu bug running through the orphanage can be tough particularly with the limited medicines they have access to. We are thankful that we were able to drop off a load of donated medical supplies just a few days ago, and much of that will be things that should be helpful with flu symptoms.

We will keep you updated about our progress, but we would love to see the Pine Belt a few days ahead of schedule!!!!



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Healy Family said...

We learned early in our adoption process to not give too much attention to planning or anticipating. :) Just when we thought we knew what was coming next, something changed for some unknown or inexplanable reason. It's a roller coaster forsure and the "hang on handle" thankfully is the Lord!

Will pray for patience and peace for you all!