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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Finding out the little things

Today was cold. We had snow on the ground for the second day. We may have a white Orthodox Christmas yet. We got to the orphanage this afternoon, and N met us at the door. She was all smiles. We took her a blanket. It has been so cold. We thought it might help a little. We asked about the circus. She said that she doesn’t like clowns. Funny. Denise doesn’t either. We all cracked up. I told her that we have been joking every since we have been here about this little Smart car that has been parked near our apartment. I have been looking for the clowns to come out of it every time we walk by. I pulled up a picture of it and showed her. She thought that was funny. I told her that was the kind of car I would get her when she started driving because there was no room for boys. That got a smile. Then I told her that the boys had to get past me first, and that got a big blush!

Tomorrow is another program at the orphanage, and Friday is Orthodox Christmas. Things will probably slow down around here for another couple of days. Right now we are just praying and waiting for Wednesday and court.

For now, we are getting to know our daughter, and finding out the little things....



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