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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Great First Day...and a Half

Things are going well! We picked Nastia yesterday at 11ish. The “ish” was because it snowed. Snow in Sevastopol is a little like snow in Hattiesburg just with bigger hills. Our facilitator’s husband Kostya was late picking us up because he had to put chains on his tires to get out of their area to get us and then take them off. When we got to the orphanage, we needed them again. The hill going up the orphanage was a solid sheet of ice. We got about 2/3 of the way up and had to stop and walk the rest of the way. Funny. No matter. We got there. The Inspector didn’t show up, so we waited for a long time. Finally, we finished the rest of the paperwork. They called the Inspector, and she was waiting for us to send her a car! “I beg your pardon! I never promised you a rose garden!” We didn’t offer, and she didn’t ask. The Italian couple was coming later, so they would bring her and she could sign our papers then! Awesome, that meant we were ready. We all went into the Director’s office. That was a neat moment. The Director has become a friend. She has been our guest in Hattiesburg, and we love hosting these kids. She made a real ceremony out of signing the papers. She had some special words for Nastia and for us. It was sweet, and we really appreciated it. We all cried a little, and then with a flourish she stamped the final paper, and all was done.  We celebrated with a pizza lunch and a chillaxed afternoon.

Today began with breakfast at McDonald’s. Seriously, I think my car is going to pull to the left when it goes by McDonald’s for a year when we get home. Then we went grocery shopping for a party for the girls that were in Nastia’s group at the Orphanage. We bought candy, cookies, ice cream, mandarin oranges, grape juice, and a fancy tort (cake). (The tort was very elaborate looking but alas, as was the case with many I have had here it was more look than taste in the end) The afternoon was filled with a souvenir shopping trip. We picked up a few gifts for people back home and a few things Nastia wanted to have to remember Ukraine and some Russian movies (including the scary Japanese film overdubbed in Russian that has people using sign language in it that we are watching right now—what a trip).

We appreciate your prayers as we await her passport. We expect it tomorrow, and we need it tomorrow. We have reservations on an 8:15 flight Friday morning to Kyiv. We really want to be on that flight. Our embassy appointment is Monday, and we have to make that appointment if we are to make our scheduled flight home Wednesday. Thank you for your prayers. We have felt them and have been sustained by them. We praise the Lord for His goodness and provision! We love you all and can’t wait to see you!



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Healy Family said...

We made friends with an Italian couple as well when we were in Ukraine adopting. We still keep in touch with them a little. :) Those last days are wonderful~but bittersweet for the kids, leaving the only real life they have ever known, but heading into something so much better. I've always been amazed to think about the Lord's plan for these kids that requires such a dramatic move in their lives in order to be where He wants them for His next step for them! It's amazing and so exciting and then equally amazing to be a part of His plan for these kids. The Lord is good!

Will continue to pray you all the way home!