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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Program

Today was a special day. It was the day of the program at the orphanage that I wrote about yesterday. We went later today to be there especially for the occasion. We thought we were going to be late because traffic was really heavy getting across town today. We really had to hoof it up the hill from the bus stop to the orphanage. One thing I can tell is that all the walking we are doing is paying off. Even after the charge up the hill, I was felling pretty good! I am looking on the bright side. Loosing weight and getting in better shape are pretty good side effects of this extended stay, but I’d be ready to head home tomorrow if the judge offered!

Anyway, back to the program. We walked in right on time. N and several of the older kids we down by the entrance we used to come in already in costume. I saw her when we walked in the door but Denise was right up on her before she recognized her. She was all made up in her gypsy/babushka costume. It was hilarious. She was adorable. You can tell she loves it, but she has a little bit a of shy streak too. It’s cute. Anyway, we said hello and made our way upstairs to the little theater room. We saw most of the kids we know from visits to Hattiesburg and a few we have met since we have been here. There were lots of “hellos” and hugs, and we snapped a ton of pictures. We’ll be sharing a bunch of those later. I know many of you will be dying to see them. We got away without the cable to download our pictures to the computer so we are looking for a card reader, and if we find one, we’ll send them back. During the program, I also shot a few video segments that I hope turned out so that we can share. The highlight of the program for me was seeing N sing with a quartet of girls including her best friend. She sings beautifully, and you can tell that she really enjoys it. We watched the video of that song back, and we laughed that the video isn’t very good because I kept having to wipe my eyes while I was shooting it. It was wonderful.

We finished the afternoon by having a long Skype conversation with the Drakes. It was hilarious at one point to see Vadik one one side of the computer and 4 girls on our side chatting away. He was the man! We were cracking up!!

On a more serious note, the last couple of days has brought cold weather. The temperature tonight will dip into the lower 20s and the wind chill will be in the teens. Even before we left N’s room tonight it was cold. She was wearing a cost in her room. My heart just breaks for those kids. I can’t get that off my mind tonight! As I sit here just a few miles away in a warm and comfortable apartment, I see the faces in my mind of so many kids that I love who are cold tonight, and I feel helpless.

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