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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gone Again

Seriously. At this point, you are beginning to need a scorecard to keep up or at least I am. We heard from Galya, our facilitator, this morning, and K is gone again. Since it’s the weekend, details are a little sketchier. Here is what we know now. Apparently she has a boyfriend in Orphanage #1. Great, one more time in my life that I wish that a teenager had kissed dating goodbye! (Sorry, but at this point if we don’t start finding humor in some of this, we’ll go crazy). Anyway, they think she has run off with her boyfriend. The good news is that she hasn’t said no to us. Everyone here thinks that is an encouraging thing. The Psychologist at the orphanage also thinks that if we try coming around while she is there, that we may spook her, and cause her to run harder. That’s her pattern. She doesn’t face stress and problems. She runs. Oh how we just what to grab her up and hold her and tell her it will be alright! She’s 15-years-old, and what seems like it is bigger than the world is really so small. How many of us would love to forget who we were dating or what we were doing or wearing at 15?!?!?! The old youth minister in me is freaking out!!!!!

So, we are going to get ready and go explore Sevastopol. If we can’t see K and N won’t be back until mid-week, then we might as well start figuring this place out. So far, without our facilitator we have discovered a little “producti” (mini-mart) near our flat where we bought a few things, a bank to exchange money, and McDonald’s (c’mon we’re Americans). Outside of that, we really haven’t seen much. So, it’s time to get out sightseeing on! Tomorrow we are going to church with Galya and her husband Kostya. Not sure what kind of church it is other then it isn’t Orthodox! Their small group has been praying for us, and we are looking forward to meeting them. It will be good to meet some fellow believers here and fellowship!

We’ll update if we know anything else.



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