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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

At least we have certainty

Today, we finally hear from the judge and received our court date, January 12. Not what we were hoping for but not as bad as we had feared. That will likely put us back in Hattiesburg at the end of January. The time that we lost with the confusion over K’s situation and the holidays are partly to blame I am sure, but in the end it probably does not make more than a few days difference one way or the other.

We are really enjoying out time with N. Today, we spent time watching her and some of the other kids rehearse for a Christmas program. It was great to see N along with a number of the kids from the past 2 summers of our hosting program singing, dancing, and acting. They are adorable and so talented. We have been invited to attend that performance on the 6th of January as well as an New Year’s program tomorrow. We will be taking lots of video and pictures that we can’t wait to share when we get back to Hattiesburg! I know there are many of you that will be anxious to see these performances.

We also got to Skype with Erick, Nicholas, Nana, and Papaw this afternoon. N seemed to enjoy the few minutes of interacting with her new little brothers. We have noticed that she is good with the little ones at the orphanage, and we hope that carries over to home! The boys are very excited about their new big sis, and she seems to be taking the prospect of little brothers in stride. She is really sweet with an esay going disposition. Lot’s of smiles and not too much seems to ruffle her feathers. I really picked at her a little tonight. The second Mississippi State shirt has made it’s appearance, but I haven’t seen the Bama shirt yet. If you’re keeping score, that’s momma 2 and daddy 0! We have got to fix that! We’ll see if my teasing did any good!

We will let you know how the program goes!



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