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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


So, finally after all the drama, we actually got a day to spend with N. It was beginning to seem like we were never actually going to see her! It was awesome! We rolled out early to take her to see the Psychiatrist. (It’s not a big deal. That is a fairly new procedure that they have added for all adoptions.) When we got to the orphanage, we had a little trouble finding her, but when we found her, she came bounding down the stairs with a big grin on her face and greeted us both with big hugs. This greeting was much different than the one a few days ago. We could tell that the tension over K and the “stuff” surrounding her decision had created a great discomfort for her. All of that is clearly gone now. Back to the visit to the Psychiatrist. I don’t think she even sat down in the chair. The interview couldn’t have lasted more than 2 minutes. We were kidding her on the way over about what Lee and Barbara told us about the boys’ interviews, and that if she stayed more than a few minutes we would assume she was crazier than Vitaly. Everyone thought that was funny! Apparently Vitally is still crazier!!!! We can talk that over the next time we Skype :)

After that, we got a cab back to the orphanage. We went by the director’s office for a minute for Galya to get some paperwork together and to set up a schedule for visits. After the next couple of days, we will be able to visit earlier in the day since N will be out of school for the holidays. We are going to give riding the bus a shot. That should be fun.

For most of the rest of the time, we hung out in Irena’s room with N looking at pictures on our computer and working on English on Rosetta Stone. She really didn’t like Rosetta Stone. I don’t think the microphone worked too well on the computer and it was frustrating. I think we are going to need to look into a better plan for a way to communicate as well. Our facilitator will not be with us at the orphanage, and it’s going to be much tougher with a teenager than with a 7-year-old to keep from being bored, so we will need to work on that fast. Barbara, if you read this and can message me Irena’s contact info, I would appreciate it. We think that it might be a good idea to talk to her about translating for us some.

On the legal front, we didn’t get to see the Inspector’s boss today, so it looks like we will get to see him tomorrow at 4 and our paperwork will go to Kyiv on Friday. We are still uncertain about a court date, but coming home looks out because we don’t think they will actually schedule a court date before Jan. 4. That means we might only know a day or two before the actual court date. We couldn’t take the chance of being gone and missing our opportunity. Today, an Italian couple showed up at the orphanage to adopt and we hear that there is a Ukrainian couple seeking to foster a child that will likely both be done on the same day as our hearing. Apparently, they are in no hurry and would be content with mid-January. We hope not. Please continue to pray! I must admit that I am really frustrated!!!

The last thing for tonight was as funny little story. We needed a taxi to leave the orphanage today. Galya gave the phone number and instructions to N. At the time, she called and arranged for our taxi and took us down to meet it. It didn’t come. She called again. It still didn’t come. She called again. We walked to look for it. She called again...assertively. I wish you could have seen her. She was so confident and took care of things so well! She was large and in charge. Finally, she walked us down to the corner, flagged down the driver, put us in the taxi, hugged, us goodbye, and sent us safely home. It was so sweet! She has spent so much of her life taking care of herself. We are really looking forward to talking care of her! Thank you God for the opportunity to care for her and thank you for caring for us...



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