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Thursday, February 3, 2011

We are home!!

Got got home last night and what a homecoming it was! We has a good trip. No problems, just tight connections that caused us to scurry through Amsterdam and Atlanta with no time for even a cup of coffee. I think Nastia slept 13 of the 14 1/2 hours we ere in the air yesterday. If she wasn’t eating or drinking, she was sleeping. It was cool to notice how he eyes brightened and her smile widened throughout the day, Especially when we walked out of the immigration office!

Anyway, we were met in Gulfport by Nana and Papaw and the boys. I think they each have grown a foot! They look so good and are doing so well. They had stuffed animals for her and greeted her with kisses. It was sweet. We were thrilled to see them. It has been a long two months, and it was nice to see them and have a little together time. We all went to Cracker Barrel for a little redneck bonding (not sure Nastia was too impressed—and it really wasn’t their finest hour) and then we headed for home. When we got home, She walked in the door into the arms of so many wonderful friends. Some whom she had grown to love in Sevastopol and others while she was here. It was such a cool thing to see. As her daddy, I was so thankful for friends who love my daughter that way. As a friend, I am thankful for friends who love me that way! Thank you all so much.

Then, they took her to see her new room. All I can say is, WOW! While we were still in Ukraine, we got on-line with her and ordered bedding. Some of our wonderful friends, took that ball and ran with it and created a dream room for a teen girl. I feel like her room was on one of those HGTV (yes, I am man enough to admit I watch those shows with my wife) shows like Trading Spaces.. I would start trying to thank people, but I honestly do not know who all had a hand in this project, but I will find out! For now, please accept a blanket thank you! It is an amazing gift, and she was overwhelmed! She just beamed last night. She just wanted to spend time enjoying her new oasis.

Well, today we begin to find out what normal will begin to look like. Nana and Papaw are heading home for some well deserved rest (although I am sure we’ll see them back in a couple of weeks). The boys will head back to school after being out sick for a couple of days, and I will go back to the church to see if they have changed the locks to the doors on my office :). We look forward to seeing all of you soon. We will easing into a regular schedule over the next few days, but hope to be normal as soon as possible. Nastia’s English is very limited, but her social skills are not, so dot be afraid to come by and say hello “Pree-vee-et”!




The McEacherns said...

Welcome home!

Healy Family said...

Hooray and welcome home! Thank you Lord for a safe trip and making all connections. It sounds like a wonderful reception once you arrived. I hope you will continue to blog about the adjustments and finding the new "normal" ~the fun is just beginning :)

Galya said...

Hi guys! This is Galya. I think my e-mails get into your spam box. How are you doing?

Tamara said...

Welcome home! We too are the proud parents of four children, adopted internationally from Russia and Ukraine. What a blessing these kids are! Enjoy this time of bonding! :)