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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Adoption Update

Here is a quick update about where things stand as of tonight on our adoption.

  1. We had a little hiccup on our paperwork. Not a big deal. Just a little inconvenience. We misunderstood about the number of copies of one document and the requirements of a couple of others. We think we have it worked out. Everthing is done, notarized, and Denise will be off to get them authenticated at the Secretary of State's office in the morning. Lord willing, that paperwork will arrive in Ukraine by Monday and our dossier will be submitted Tuesday.
  2. Our dear friends, Barbara and Lee Drake, are in Ukraine adopting from where we are planning to adopt from if all goes according to the plan. They are doing well, and we would ask that you pray for them as they progress thorugh the adoption of 3 boys. The news they are sending us is great, but there are some surprises as well. We really can't share anything, but we would just ask you to pray. We feel like we are living with our feet planted firmly in mid air right now. There is a lot of uncertainty swirling. It is at times like this that we are confident that we can be certainof God and His soverignty and little else. God has a plan, and in that we are supremely confident, but in us we are not. I wish I xould be more transperent, but right now is not the time. Thanks for your intercession on our behalf. God knows our circumstances and our needs better than we do and He provides better then we can ask. So thanks for laboring in prayer with us.

If our dossier get submitted Tuesday, we should get an appointment for travel in 20 business days from next Tuesday. From there God knows and we trust, and that is always a good place to be....



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