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Thursday, September 16, 2010

One step closer to our next adoption

Just a quick update. Denise and I got word this week that we have received our appointments for fingerprinting with USCIS (the immigration service) in Jackson, MS for next Wednesday. That means that Denise, my mom and I will be heading to Jackson for a 9 a.m. appointment to have an electronic scan taken of our fingerprints so that an FBI background check can be run on us. Typically, the review takes 2-3 weeks from this point until we should receive final approval from the US government to travel.

Anyone who has followed this saga knows the story of my mom’s fingerprints, and the hassle we went through with the FBI and USCIS the last time since her prints we not readable. We are hoping to avoid a long delay and were given great reason for that hope this week! Please pray with us that the delay will be minimal. We want to be on our way, but we don’t want to be in Ukraine a minute before God has appointed for us to be there. It is a balancing act emotionally sometimes....

From the point of our approval from the US government, we could be in Ukraine within 5-6 weeks! Much has to happen, and we are just praying and waiting.

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